With a World Wide Web of choices, nothing is more important than helping your customers find and learn about the products they are looking for quickly and easily - on your web site or your in-store self-service systems.

Unfortunately, product information stored on legacy systems, in database tables and static files is often not suitable for public view, causing customer dissatisfaction. Some data problems may include:

  • Item descriptions are often abbreviated, inconsistent or incomplete.
  • Methods for grouping related items in a collection do not exist, complicating merchandising opportunities.
  • Methods for linking item information, prices and images are not available.
  • Internal Department structures may be too complex for electronic retailing - and often sub-departments and category data, which ease shopping on the web, do not exist.


Now There Is An Answer DataWorks gives you control over your data, expediting and automating the process of creating, scrubbing, managing and publishing your content for the web and other self-service environments. DataWorks is specifically designed to work with MarCole's CatalogWorks and Gift RegistryWorks. It makes it easy to organize, categorize, and enhance your data in a customer friendly web-ready manner, delighting your customers and driving sales.

What DataWorks Does and foremost - It gives you control over what the customer sees.

Enables you to manage item information and images in one central location for use on self-service in-store systems and the Internet.

Provides consistent, accurate, information and images - incorporating your marketing messages.

Facilitates describing products with complete, easy-to-understand-detailed descriptions.

Links multiple images that highlight your products unique features.

Groups and manages related products in appropriate collections.

Organizes products by department, category, sub-category and brand.

Manages swatches - allowing you to create, add, delete, activate and deactivate individual and groups of color/material swatches - all with an easy to use intuitive web-based interface.